Author: Kristen Bridge

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4 Reasons Why Hydrotherapy is the BEST

Hydrotherapy is super healthy for you - but why?? 1. Reduces muscle tension  That weightlessness you feel underwater supports sore muscles and takes pressure off your body. Endorphins are released w…

Leg Raise

How to do a Leg Raise (the RIGHT Way!)

Trainer Stephanie's Tips: How to do a Leg Raise Leg raises are an excellent way to strengthen abs and create more flexibility. However, they are often done wrong! There is a correct method that ensu…


High-Intensity Interval Training brings JOY

 by Prof. David Cameron-Smith (Originally posted by Les Mills) It’s known for being hellishly hard, but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s an awful experience! The somewhat surprising findings of a new…


5 Ways to Stay Motivated at the Gym

We have all experienced those days when we aren't motivated to workout. Our warm, comfy beds can be impossible to leave for an early morning gym session. After a tiring work day, that glass of wine s…

veggie noodles

Veggie Noodles Kick the Carb Habit

Let's face it: pasta tastes good, and for many of us, it may even have some traditional family value--after all, everyone remembers their grandmother's lasagna or mom's spaghetti and meatballs. The pr…