Fitness Tip of the Week: Help Others Understand Your Fitness Journey

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Making the decision to start a fitness journey is tough enough. But when you actually put this decision into action, you might experience difficulties with those around you as they witness your changed lifestyle. You might get comments like, “Are we ever going to have fun anymore?” or “Well I’d like to go to this restaurant, but you probably won’t eat anything.” Does any of this sound familiar? Don’t worry—you aren’t alone. Here are four ways to help others understand your fitness journey.

4 Ways to Help Others Understand Your Fitness Journey

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Communication fixes almost every interrelationship problem. Try to create an environment where they feel comfortable sharing their feelings with you. Difficulties undoubtedly result from fear or personal insecurity as they witness your changes. Encourage them to talk to you and reassure them that you’re still the same person—just making the decision to be healthier.

Ask Questions About Their Lives

Don’t just talk about your newfound love of a certain diet or fitness class. Ask them what makes them feel alive or better in general.

Encourage and Compliment

When others see you working hard, they often are trying to determine whether they can do the same. Try to encourage them and compliment any improvements they’ve made thus far. Also, share with them how you felt in the beginning and normalize their fears or concerns.

Don’t Forget your Old Self

Your friends and loved ones don’t want to say goodbye to you. You can still partake in activities and conversations with them. The more you isolate yourself from them, the more it will look like a rejection.

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