The Predominant Advantages of Using Treadmill Machines


You love to run — when the weather is good. Unfortunately, the weather is not always good, not even in warm weather climates. Summer days can often be too hot, or too humid. Then, there’s the winter, you just don’t like running when it’s below a certain temperature. I bet that you would love to run even more if you didn’t have to worry about rain, snow, the potholes, or traffic. Fortunately, many gyms have a solution. More than one in fact! Running around an indoor track is one solution. Running on treadmill machines is another.

The Undoubted Advantages of Treadmill Machines

Let’s Talk About CONVENIENCE!

treadmill machinesRunning or walking on treadmill machines might even have more advantages than running or walking indoors around a track has. There are several reasons. For starters, treadmill machines allow you to adjust how fast you are running or walking. Many treadmill machines also allow you to adjust the angle you are running or walking uphill or downhill. You can run uphill or downhill outside too, but indoors on a treadmill, feels like more of a choice.

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Exercising on treadmill machines are favorable when it comes to the convenience of cardio. Besides the all-weather advantages, treadmills also give people more of an opportunity to multitask. Try reading while running outdoors! You can also watch television or listen to music without earphones while on a treadmill.

Burn MORE Calories! Lose MORE Weight!

Are you worried that treadmill machines won’t have a significant impact on your fitness or weight loss? Relax. The “Treadmill Routines Make Indoor Exercising Less Routine” report emphasizes that even just walking on the treadmill can strengthen all your leg muscles. Your calves and quadriceps will be particularly strengthened. If you’re walking or running up an incline, the back part of your upper legs will become even stronger.

The Complete Guide to Walking for Health, Weight Loss, and Fitness by Mark Fenton reports that treadmill users lost about six more pounds than non-treadmill users during a six-month study. Nonetheless, exercising regularly is more important than the quality of each workout, the study concluded.

Breaking it Down by the Numbers

How much weight can you lose exercising on a treadmill machine? Below are the numbers. Keep in mind that you lose one pound of fat per 3,500 calories burned. These numbers are all for a 150-pound person; heavier people tend to burn more calories as lighter people burn fewer. You can use this calculator to figure out how many calories you’ll personally burn.

  • Walking on a flat treadmill at 3 mph you can burn 213 calories per hour.
  • Walking on an inclined treadmill at 3 mph on a 5% incline, you can burn 450 calories per hour. 645 calories per hour if you’re walking 4 mph on a 10% incline and 834 calories per hour if you’re walking 4 mph at a 15% incline.
  • Running on a flat treadmill at the pace of 10 minutes per mile, you can burn 660 calories per hour. An 8-minute mile will put you at 825 calories burned per hour.
  • Running on an inclined treadmill you burn 1,077 calories per hour running 8-minute miles at a 5% incline.  1,263 calories burned per hour running 8-minute miles on a 10% incline and a WHOMPING 1,452 calories per hour running 8-minute miles on a 15% incline.

The advantages of using a treadmill machine are as clear as running indoors on a stormy day. From the outright convenience a treadmill provides on fair weathered days to the potential of setting a speed and incline to further your workout, using a treadmill machine may be one of the best things you can do at the gym.

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