Instagram Fitspo | 4 Fitness Freaks You Should Follow to Keep Inspired

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Looking for some healthy inspiration this new year? How about some Instagram #fitspiration to get you going? This social media platform isn’t just for selfies and pictures of your brunch anymore. It’s super easy–and fun–to find some inspirational health and fitness folks to follow. You can start by searching for some trending hashtags (I like #girlswholift, #fitnessmotivation, and #fitspo), but you’ve been warned: it’s almost too easy to lose track of time while scrolling through awesome photos and videos. Try this: before heading to the gym the next time you go, take a look at the following Instagram Fitspo accounts–no matter what your goal, you’ll find plenty to be inspired by.

Top 4 Instagram Fitspo People You Should Be Following:

1) Christmas Abbott (@christmasabbott)

If you’re familiar with the CrossFit culture, then you’ve probably heard of trainer and fitness idol Christmas Abbott. Join her nearly 400,000 followers for inspiring quotes, motivating pictures of her gorgeous and strong body, and helpful tips and links. She’s also the author of hugely popular nutrition and fitness book called The Badass Body Diet, in which she offers
specific goals and targeted meal and workout plans to help her readers achieve the body of their dreams (geared to 3 specific types of dieters).

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2) Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson (@therock)

This man honestly seems like one of the nicest guys in Hollywood and is an incredible motivator to his 74 million Instagram followers. He has the perfect mix of funny and tough-love attitude to inspire you to get motivated in the gym and life in general. Not to mention, the dude is enormous–it’s really neat to see a bit of the “behind the scenes” that makes him into the cyborg-with-a-heart-like-person that he is. Need some extra kick in the pants? Download his awesome app The Rock Clock, which you can use to set a goal and even set your alarm so that you wake up at the same time as he does (often before 5 am).

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3) Hannah of GypysonOn (@gypsyon_)

With over 230,000 followers, this tiny yet super flexible woman shares amazingly inspiring videos of her as she and her boyfriend live out the yogi lifestyle. While Acro Yoga may not be for everyone, it’s still entertaining and inspiring to watch people learn how to move their bodies in such athletic and mesmerizing ways! Also follow for thought-provoking quotes on mindset and psychological wellness.

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4) Hunter Cook (@hunterfitness)

With his unique approach to strength and flexibility training, trainer Hunter Cook shares hundreds of helpful videos with his nearly 79,000 followers. Like most of us who probably don’t stretch enough, this guy (who works with Functional Range Conditioning seminars) will inspire you to start caring about your mobility, which can make a huge difference for you in the gym and your day-to-day life.

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Who did I miss? If you have any favorite Instagram Fitspo people to follow, share in the comments below!

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