New Year, New Me

No Excuses Madi

Is 2018 your year for fitness?

I don’t know about you, but every year I make an excuse to why I’m not making time to go to the gym. Last year it was school, the year before that it was work and the year before that it was food (yes, this is a real excuse.) Every year I make an excuse, which is not uncommon. Every year I write down “get fit and feel healthy” on my New Years resolution, and like most people, fall through with that resolution.

This year I decided to really make a change in my fitness – I’m taking the No Excuses Challenge.

What’s the “No Excuses” Challenge?

It’s a way for you to go through with your New Years Resolutions for getting fit or healthier (or both.) Whatever that may be, we have designed a challenge specifically made for you. This is unlike any 12 week challenge Gold’s Gym Northwest has ever put on. This challenge incorporates our state-of-the-art InBody machine to track your progress throughout your fitness journey. So whether you’re looking into Bodyfat (%) loss or muscle gain you can see the progress you’re looking for.


One of the great things about this challenge is you can be rewarded for your progress! There will be 1 winner for each qualifier in age, male/female and category for Gold’s Gym Northwest (20 Winners).  Those winners will receive $500 OR can opt for 15 50-minute sessions with a trainer. From the 20 winners – one overall Male/Female winner in each category (body fat % loss/muscle-gain) will be chosen.  They will receive an additional $1000. (4 Winners)

So there is a possibility for you to win $1500 along with having the body you want!

For more information about the No Excuses Challenge go Here

Or you can Talk with your home club about signing up and for more information.

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