7 Tips for the Holidays | Eat Them Before They're Gone!

eat only seasonal

Here’s another tip to remember as you sit down for dinner: eat only those holiday foods that are seasonal. Chances are, you aren’t cooking a turkey every day of the week, so indulge a bit and have that large slice.

Eat Only Those Holiday Items That are Seasonal

Likewise, you probably only get stuffing a couple of times per year, so again, indulge in a little.

But that bread that’s sitting on the table? You can have that any day of the week, so skip it. Unless it’s your Aunt’s famous home cooked buns you only get when you see here, there’s just no reason to add calories from this food.

If you focus on indulging on only those items that you can’t get year-round, it’ll keep your total calorie intake in check.

This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to healthy tips to get through the holidays. To read the rest of the 7 healthy tips, check out the ebook below.

7 Holiday Tips eBook

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