Runnin' In The Suburbs|| 3 Local Trail Runs You Gotta Try

trail runs

Not everyone is excited about going for a run in cold weather, but if you had a nice place for some trail runs with some beautiful scenery, you might change your mind. Getting outside daily is very beneficial to your health. You’ll get plenty of fresh air, exercise, and even boost your mood which might be a little blue during this season.

I’ve narrowed down three of the best places to run in your area, so why not give it a try? Winter doesn’t have to suck; you can make the best of it with a little outdoor time.

3 Trail Runs to Shake Off Your Winter Blues

1) Park At Bothell Landing

This park boasts some very beautiful scenery with green grassy areas and ducks ‘o plenty.
One of my favorite things about running is having stuff to look at on my run (sometimes that get’s me into trouble because I’m clumsy) and this park has plenty.
There’s a lovely paved running, walking, and biking path that runs along the riverside, and over bridges. The trail is great for all skill levels and is approximately 3.9 miles long.

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2) Lowell Riverfront Trail In Redmond

trail runs

Wouldn’t it be nice if it actually snowed like this in Washington? 😉

If you like to run and run some more, this trail will give you plenty of room to do so. The 1.75-mile paved trail is located right along the beautiful lakeside, and there is plenty of wildlife to be seen on your run.
As you are running this 10-foot wide trail, you’ll also be able to see the beauty of Mt. Baker, Rainier and the Cascades. You can find it’s trailhead just off of Lenora Street.

3) Poo Poo Point Near Issaquah

Yes, it’s a funny name (I made plenty of jokes about it in high school…don’t pretend you didn’t), but it’s an amazing trail for those who want more of a challenging run. It’s marked as a moderate level for a run or even a walk. The path is unpaved and right in the middle of nature’s beauty. If you are more of an advanced runner, that’s a good thing on this trail because it can take you as far as 6.8 miles. That’s a pretty good distance.

Once you get to the top of this trail, the view will take your breath away (that is, if you can even catch your breath after you’ve reached it). On your way, and on warmer days, you will also get to see paragliders around the area. No wonder this location is so popular for trail runs! The trailhead is located in a gravel parking lot just off of 2nd Street.

Enjoy your run!

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