Jyothi Summits Mt. Rainier

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“They say 7 years is the magic number . I’ve been married to Gold’s Gym for close to 8 years now! So, I guess we might continue to remain married. Why you ask?

Here’s why – The instructors and trainers are not just doing their job! They’re more than friends who care for us and are always ready to help us achieve our goals. They know your limit and will push you one step further.

I recently signed up to summit Mt. Rainier, a 14410 ft beauty in Washington state – It’s huge. It’s nasty. And it’s a beast to get up. But guess what: The summit is worth all the hard work it takes to get there. But you gotta train right and I knew I was in right hands.

I took a variety of classes to build up my strength and endurance. I signed up for the GoldsFIT classes in Jan 2017 and in a few months, I couldn’t believe how strong I’d become. I also combined my GoldsFIT sessions with GGX classes Gold’s offers like BodyAttack, BodyCombat, BodyPump, CXWork and Zumba and it was never boring. Every day, I’d be asking for more 🙂 I was doing routines I’d never dreamed of – handstands, pullups ( I admit I hate them :P), running with weights etc. But this kept the workouts interesting and had me coming back for more.








Whatever your goal is – to lose weight, to be able to summit a mountain or to just build your overall strength and endurance – Gold’s Gym is the way to go! I highly recommend their classes.

– Jyothi

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